More ways to grow restaurant database 
Increase the reach and impact a restaurant can make with their email marketing
Give your most important guests an easy way to get in touch
An exclusive message line where restaurant's important guests can use to get in touch with the team at any time. Conversations are centralized within the SevenRooms mobile app and reservations can be booked in just a few clicks.
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Remove the need to use a third-party to collect email opt-ins
Many venues that do email marketing want to be able to collect subscribers independent of the reservation booking journey. These entry points include a restaurant’s own website, social media and in-venue marketing that encourages a guest to take action, like “sign up for our newsletter.” Most Email Service Providers (ESP’s) have an out-of-the-box opt-in form that venues can install on their website to grow their database.
Increase marketable database 
Create opportunities for restaurant to reach their marketable target audience by collecting guest information before a restaurant reservation is made. 
Customize the fields on the form to balance building robust profiles with a seamless, frictionless opt-in experience
Enable customers the ability to customize the information they would like to collect about a guest. 
Data is $$
In the digital age where data holds an equivalent value to currency, its significance extends to traditional industries such as restaurants. The challenge for restaurants lies in effectively reaching their target customers, making the exploration of multiple entry points crucial for collecting valuable guest data.