Stocker is a community-based platform for stock investors to discuss the market, share investment ideas, and learn from each other.
This project is part of the IDM Showcase Spring 2021

User Research

Jan - May 2021

Intro Video

The pandemic had driven stock newbies into the market. As a newbie stock investor, I find myself not knowing where and how to look for information, news, and investing ideas on different platforms. Stocker provides a platform for investors of various experience levels to share and discuss their investment insights freely. With posts organized by topics and stock tickers, users can easily navigate and engage with similar investors.

The Problem

As an amateur investor, I don’t know where to start and where to look… I find that information about investment ideas, insights, and information are spread out on various platforms.

Design Question:
How might we create an online community solely for stock investors to learn, share, and exchange knowledge about investment ideas?


In order to get a better understanding of people's goals and their years of experience in stock investing, I sent out a survey and resulted in 131 responses.

Based on the survey results, I was able to break down the problem statement further and divide the participants into 2 groups(no experience in investing & experience in investing) during user interviews to better understand about:

No Experience:
✷ What is stopping them from making their first moves?
✷ Understand some pain points users find in existing stock community groups they are part of.
✷ Know about their typical research flow before they start investing.
✷ What are some things they would like to know or share to other investors?
✷ Learn about how they interact with online communities (whether in FB groups or Reddit threads)


✷ User find their investment ideas through community groups like Reddit threads and Facebook groups
✷ User find investment ideas through social media channels
✷ Users are open to hearing about new investment tips and stocks
✷ Users find it motivating to hear feedback from others about their investment ideas

User Persona
Competitive Analysis

After the interview, I was able to conduct a competitive analysis on platforms that provide similar features to my app. I was able to identify the key features to include.

Style Guide

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Highlighted Features

Organized Feed
✷ An organized feed divided by Trending and Following
✷ Users can customize their feed with the topics, people, and stocks that interests them but at the same time stay up-to-date with the trendiest topics and posts on the platform
✷ Includes post title and a preview of the post content to reduce amount of information on the main feed

Following Stock Tickers & Hashtags
✷ Allow feed customization and to provide clear categorization and easy navigation
✷ Users also has to ability to follow different stock tickers and hashtags that interests them
✷ Each stock ticker includes a real-time stock chart that enables you to get a quick look of the current price without leaving the app

Draw Charts Directly
✷ Draw trend lines directly on the app
✷ The app takes a snapshot of the current chart and embeds in your post
✷ For users who would like to better analyze the stock and to share it on Stocker


As a part of the newbie stock investor community, I truly had a blast working on this project for the past months. I've always imagined having a stock community who can support me while I learn to invest. I am glad that I was able to execute my ideas and bring them to life. This project is part of my senior project for the completion of my bachelors degree.

Things I would do differently & next steps

✷ Having a community-based platform means that people are able to speak and exchange ideas freely, which may not be the most reliable and accurate platform. What I would do differently is that I would consider the most optimal way to monitor content on the platform
✷ The app includes a lot of interactive features like polls and drawing chart. Due to time constraints, I was not able to execute the designs well-rounded