I design complexity to the simple.

Hey there! I am Cassandra, you can call me Cass! I recently finished my bachelor's degree in Integrated Design and Media & Business Studies at New York University. I was recently awarded as the Design Winner of the DesignRush Global Student Design Competition – 2021 with my Sunset in Brooklyn project!

Got an idea for a new project? Ping me at contact@cassandraliau.com

🥳 When i am not designing

In my spare time, I enjoy solving puzzles, catching sunsets with my lens, and exploring new restaurants and cafes. They are only a small portion of my hobbies. Follow me on @cassliau & @cassliau.film to see what I am up to, the projects I am working on, and to know me better as a person!

🪄 When i am designing

I am currently contracting as a Product Designer for the Venue Management System at Sevenrooms. My favorite part as a designer is receiving feedback from my peers and going back to iterating on my designs. Recently, during my spare time, I have been up to exploring animations on After Effects and Figjam on Figma!