An exclusive line for your most valued guests
Centralize and streamline conversations with your most valued guests within SevenRooms
Give your most important guests an easy way to get in touch
An exclusive message line where restaurant's important guests can use to get in touch with the team at any time. Conversations are centralized within the SevenRooms mobile app and reservations can be booked in just a few clicks.
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My team included 1 product manager, 1 product marketing manager, and 3 engineers.
Multiple Communication Channels
Managers utilize various communication channels, such as emails, WhatsApp, phone calls, and SMS, to engage with valued guests. This task is typically handled by one or a few individuals within the managerial team.
Recognize your most valued guests
Large restaurants manage extensive list of their valued guests. To ensure recognition and association of each inbound text message with the respective guest, automatically connect inbound messages to their dining profiles. 
Handle all requests in one place 
Restaurant managers frequently hesitate to delegate guest requests to staff members, often due to concerns about trust and the cumbersome task of transferring guest information and preferences. Foster teamwork by providing direct access to guests' dining preferences and history within the app, ensuring that everyone has consistent guest information without the need to navigate away from the platform.