First unified experience for all things about pre-service operations
A data-driven, one-stop-shop for 25,000+ active restaurant hosts and managers.
Real-time and unified view of everything
Everything an operator need ahead of each shift and saves employees’ time with an out-of-the-box informational report. Instead of paper print-outs and laborious briefing forms, Pre-Shift allows teams to harness rich customer data with up-to-the-minute information on every guest joining during that shift. 

You can learn more about Pre-Shift via the launch video, release article, and case study.
*Due to NDA, I can only share a portion of my work
As a sole designer, I was responsible for conducting user research and wire framing from 0 to 1, collaborating with 1 product manager, 3 engineers, and 1 product marketing manager.
Rich guest data to inform about upcoming guests
The tool emphasizes key insights, including allergy details, dining preferences, past history with the restaurant, and reviews. It also offers an overview of the day's notes on specials, events, or requests, facilitating easy reference for staffs.
Deliver personalized hospitality with easy navigation 
Guest and reservation data can be accessed on the fly without double clicks or additional navigation via iPhone and iPads for the utmost convenience. No other reservation management product on the market today offers such a robust overview with automated guest data incorporated into its dashboard, saving operators time as they set up for service.
Labor Shortage ≠ More Work 
As the hospitality industry grapples with a labor shortage, the significance of efficiency becomes even more pronounced. This feature strategically harnesses the data powerhouse that SevenRooms possesses, aiming to not only alleviate the burden of manual work but also streamline operations, addressing the challenges posed by labor shortages in preparation for each pre-shift meeting.