Mefluence is an influencer marketing platform for mico-influencer and small brands. Available for download.

Product Design Intern

April, 2021 - June, 2021

From April 2021 to June 2021, I interned as the Product Design Intern who collaborated closely with the Product Designer, CEO, and Engineers to improve the on-boarding session.

On-Boarding Redesign

For the first design sprint, I was able to tackle any problem as a first-time user and designer.

User Problem

The on-boarding flow of connecting Mefluence to Instagram and Facebook is confusing and seems like a hassle to go through.

✷ The Challenge: How can we make the onboarding steps easier for users to comprehend and follow?

According to the Firebase data since our app launch, there is around an 86% drop-out rate from the beginning to the end of the sign-up flow.

Current Design

Synthesizing the Problem

✷ The description of the steps to connect Instagram and Facebook are too wordy. People might not really take the time to read through.
✷ The list of steps doesn't really guide the users to take action, instead throws bunch of information at them.

Live Prototype

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