iMessage Redesign

Share content with friends, communicate, and share collaborative experiences more efficiently and interactively. This redesign is based on the UI for IOS 13.

Problem Statement
Wire Framing  

Jan 2020 (3 Day Sprint)

Design Question:
How might we build a more collaborative and interactive experience environment in group messages?

The Problem

iMessage retains Apple's simplistic, minimalistic interface for ios users to share, communicate with others with Apple devices. However, the simple interface in group messaging makes it difficult for users to communicate effectively in an organized manner.



Unread Message
Keep all your unread messages under a tab. Never miss out when you are away.
Group Read Receipts
Displays the number of people who read your message to ensure that it is delivered and read by all members of the group.

Clickable Prototype

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Highlighted Features

View Pinned Message
Pin any message. Never miss an important message sent by others and ensures everyone in the group sees an important message you sent.
Reply to Specific Message
Keeps the message in an organized manner so that no one gets lost while having numerous conversations in the group.
More Info Section
Redesigning the sent/received files in a card sorting design for more feasible user experience.

Group Bulletin
All pinned messages will be moved to the group bulletin under the info tab once the pinned message is removed from the pinned tab.

Group Calendar
Plan and organize meals and trips with the group without forgetting the details by marking it on the calendar.
Search within Chat
Looking for something specific in the chat? Search anything related to the message including keywords, sender, date, and time.

iMessage is an app that I use everyday to communicate with my friends. When using iMessage to interact with friends in a group, I often struggle to keep up with the conversation after being offline for a while. In this 3-day-sprint project, I was able to quickly identify the problems and offer design solution as a heavy iMessage user. From this project, I realized by adding some simple feature can easily provide a much organized and fluid digital experience.